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Lexmark Printers

Monochrome Printers

  • MS310/410 Series

    The Lexmark MS310/410 Series deliver performance, security, and usability to meet the needs of both small business and enterprise small workgroups.

    Monthly Print Volume: 500 - 7,200
    Number of Users: Small

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  • MS510/610 Series

    Get back to business with the fast, reliable and convenient features of the Lexmark MS510/610 Series. Easy-to-use touchscreens and productivity solutions means you get more than just a printer for your office. So, power up your business and print to impress with the MS510/610 Series.

    Monthly Print Volume: 1,000 - 8,000
    Number of Users: Small/Medium

    MS510 MS610
  • MS710 Series

    A state-of-the-art picking and handling system takes the uncertainty out of printing on vinyl and narrow media. With flexible options and impressive capacity, the Lexmark MS710 Series keeps your business moving.

    Monthly Print Volume: 3,000 - 50,000
    Number of Users: Large

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  • MS810 Series

    The Lexmark MS810 Series is more than just a workhorse monochrome laser printer. Its a gateway to time-saving solutions and greater efficiency. We put more features into each of the MS810 Series systems to help your busy medium to large office get more done than you thought possible.

    Monthly Print Volume: 3,000 - 50,000
    Number of Users: Large

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  • W850 Series

    Expect fast, robust and reliable printing from the Lexmark W850 Series. Optional duplexing and high capacity input trays keep your busy medium-size office group moving.

    Monthly Print Volume: 15,000-59,000
    Number of Users: Large

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Colour Printers

  • CS310/410 Series

    Rich, vivid color is a given. Spot-on PANTONE®¹ color matching, smart print management and super-fast print speeds make the CS310 & CS410 Series color laser printers true workhorses for your workgroup.

    Monthly Print Volume: 1-5,000
    Number of Users: Small/Medium

    CS310 CS410
  • C740/CS510 Series

    Get more done with the Lexmark C740 Series. Vibrant colour printing gives you professional results and available easy-to-use touchscreens and high input capacity means your medium-size office group gets back to work with no hassles.

    Monthly Print Volume: 1,500-10,000
    Number of Users: Medium

    C740 CS510
  • C790 Series

    Easy-to-use touchscreens and available high input capacity makes getting work done even easier. The crisp, vivid colour printing from the Lexmark C790 Series keeps your medium-size office group ready for business.

    Monthly Print Volume: 2,500-17,000
    Number of Users: Large

  • C900 Series

    Built-in duplex printing and easy-to-use touchscreens are just two of the standard features on the Lexmark C900 Series. Expect vibrant colour printing you can count on for your medium-size office group.

    Monthly Print Volume: 25,000-33,000
    Number of Users: Large

    C925 C950

Multifunction Monochrome Printers

  • MX310/410/510 Series

    Get back to work and do more. The Lexmark MX310/410/510 Series fast processor, print, copy and scan speeds keep you moving, and productivity solutions propel your business forward.

    Monthly Print Volume: 1,000 - 7,000
    Number of Users: Small/Medium

    MX310 MX410 MX510
  • MX710/611 Series

    There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. The Lexmark MX710 Series of MFPs delivers faster print speeds – plus productivity solutions too.

    Monthly Print Volume: 10,000 - 25,000
    Number of Users: Large

    MX710 MX611
  • MX810 Series

    The Lexmark MX810 Series is the ultimate in multifunction power. Print, copy and scan with speed to spare. Its about more than just piling on the features though. Vast configuration options let your office get exactly what it needs to get more done. The MX810 Series was built for top performance.

    Monthly Print Volume: 8,000 - 35,000
    Number of Users: Large

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  • X860 Series

    The X860 Series offers high-volume monochrome multi-function with maximum speed and input capacity for extraordinary digital office productivity.

    Monthly Print Volume: 10,000 - 50,000
    Number of Users: Large

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Multifunction Colour Printers

  • CX310/410 Series

    The Lexmark CX310/410 Series of colour laser printers delivers PANTONE®¹ colour matching and fast print, copy, and scan speeds across the series and swift fax speeds on the CX410 models that get you back to business in a hurry. Fully loaded with productivity solutions, the CX310/410 Series can help you streamline your business and get more done.

    Monthly Print Volume: 1-5,000
    Number of Users: Small/Medium

    CX310 CX410
  • CX510 & X740 Series

    Get more from your multifunction printer. The X740 Series features brilliant colour printing, fast and built-in hard disks on most models.

    Monthly Print Volume: 3,000-10,000
    Number of Users: Medium

    CX510 X740
  • X790 Series

    The huge 10.2-inch (25.9-cm) colour touchscreen makes it simple to use all the powerful features of the X792 Series. Get professional quality results with built-in duplexing, optional finishing and brilliant printing.

    Monthly Print Volume: 2,500 - 17,000
    Number of Users: Large

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  • X900 Series

    Power up your office group with the Lexmark X950 Series, featuring high-performance A3 colour functionality, flexible features, easy-to-use workflow solutions, advanced security, high capacity input and up to 2GB RAM.

    Monthly Print Volume: 5,000 - 33,000
    Number of Users: Large

    X925 X950
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