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Why are updates important?

To adequately protect your sensitive information, it is important to install your updates as soon as they are available. By doing it this way, you not only ensure your cybersecurity, but you also contribute to the productivity of your business. What are the different kinds of updates that your computer systems need? Why do you need to update regularly? Let’s take a look at this essential subject.

What are updates in the computer world?

In computing, updating software means adding new features to it. An update fixes bugs, improves performance, and increases defences against cyber threats.

Your computer system usually notifies you when updates are available, and offers to install them and then restart the computer. They apply to computer system software, mobile applications and computer components. To ensure the proper management of their computer systems, some companies even delegate maintenance to companies specializing in outsourcing.

System software and computer software updates

System software is a set of operating programs. It governs the use of various computer resources and coordinates the hardware components of the computer. Computer software, on the other hand, is a program that performs a task.

Optimization of features, more intuitive and pleasant interface; the improvements offered by the updates increase the efficiency of your employees. They even fix bugs and the slowness they cause.

In addition, updating software is also a good way:

● To avoid that it is no longer compatible with newer software. User needs are constantly changing, and with them the market is flourishing with new offerings. It is therefore important to be able to keep your tools up-to-date so that they can work with your new acquisitions.

● Strengthen their resistance to cyber threats. Businesses are a particularly high target for hackers, due to the sensitive data they possess. The regular updating of computer protection systems (antivirus, firewall, data encryption) helps to preserve the security of their customers. It is, moreover, a good way to offer a pledge of confidence to your customers.

Updating mobile applications used by your organization

In many companies, mobile applications are used to improve communications between employees. But it is also possible that service companies offer access to their customers on a private portal.

At the level of your organization, keeping applications up-to-date ensures that your employees benefit from:

● Better features simultaneously

● A more readable and easily navigable interface

It is a gesture to adopt in order to contribute to the coordination and comfort of employees.

A slow and complicated application to use is likely to be abandoned. Outsourcing companies have understood this well. Among their services are the update management services.

Update and improvement of computer components

Improving computer components is essential to extend their lifespan.

Here are the computer equipment that you can update:

● Storage capacity: You can increase the storage capacity, as well as the transfer speed, by using an SSD instead of a hard disk.

● Random access memory (RAM): if your activity is based on the use of software that requires a lot of resources to run, you can also work on your computer’s random-access memory, and therefore improve its RAM. This will ensure you an increased speed in the execution of tasks.

● Graphics cards: in engineering, creation and visual editing sectors, it is essential to optimize the display capabilities of the computer. By doing so, you guarantee your employees valuable support for their performance.

And that’s not all! One of the benefits of this exercise is that it ensures your hardware is compatible with new devices.

Using an outsourcing company for its IT security

Sometimes, in business, maintenance planning is considered an ancillary task. However, updates are essential to ensure the security of your data and that of your customers. It is also a great way to preserve a computer fleet. Of course, you can delegate these tasks to outsourcing experts. At DMIB, our goal is to watch over your IT work tools. Contact us for more information.