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Why migrate to Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange)?

Migrating to Microsoft 365 is an essential first step towards securing your infrastructure and data. By coordinating this change with Office 365 collaboration tools and Microsoft Exchange messaging, your company takes a giant step towards unparallelled productivity. See with us why migrating to Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange) is a necessity for your organization.

Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange

Let’s first clarify the difference between Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

Office 365

It is a Microsoft suite bringing together a variety of applications that we use every day, such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, etc., but also other services such as Microsoft Teams (videoconferencing), OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange

Through its Outlook platform, Microsoft Exchange does not only provide a messaging service, but also a database for contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. This service allows flexible and intuitive collaboration between users, in particular thanks to the possible sharing of databases which then become common to the entire company.

The Office 365 suite offers online or local tools (word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, mailbox) that have become essential for business management. These are updated regularly so that users always benefit from the latest version of these professional tools.

SharePoint can be seen as a true virtual team workspace aimed at facilitating collaboration and coordination between work teams. In SharePoint, users can view, edit or create new documents, as well as create groups or team projects.

OneDrive is a cloud storage space. This type of software solution has the advantage of allowing all its users to have access to stored data from anywhere in the world, from any device.

Microsoft Teams is a videoconferencing and communication service allowing users to speak to each other orally in real time, or through the integrated chat platform.

Finally, Microsoft 365 is also a cloud storage service, similar to OneDrive, with this difference: Microsoft 365 includes all the applications and services of Office 365, in addition to allowing:

  • Built-in smart security;
  • Advanced device management;
  • Innovative online services.

Why migrate to Office 365 with Microsoft 365 and Exchange?

There are several reasons why you may need to migrate to Office 365 by adding Microsoft 365 cloud service and Microsoft Exchange messaging. DMIB has identified a list of benefits that migrating to Microsoft Office 365 makes possible.


Microsoft 365 is an easy-to-use work tool. Navigation and operation are intuitive and easy to install.


Microsoft 365 provides tested and proven protection for your information. Microsoft’s cloud solution is the safest solution when it comes to cyber threats.


Office 365 tools and services greatly facilitate collaboration and coordination between work teams on various projects and mandates by sharing schedules and documents. The information is centralized and accessible by all.


The centralization of data and its accessibility on the network, online or offline, allows great flexibility for users who can view or modify data from anywhere in the world and from any device.


Microsoft 365 and Office 365 regularly perform updates with the latest security breach updates. This feature greatly contributes to data security.


Not only the collaboration and the transmission of information facilitated by Office 365 tools allow you to work more efficiently, but also your productivity will be increased tenfold since you will not need to worry about updates to your software. In addition, you will avoid wasted time due to data leakage. Microsoft 365 gives you peace of mind to redirect your energy to the work that really matters. Centralizing information also saves a lot of time: having an application for messaging, instant chat, project management, task assignment, calendar sharing, cloud storage, etc. takes an incalculable number of manipulations which, once added, squeezes a lot of efficiency out of a day’s work! The Microsoft universe offers gateways between applications to avoid any unnecessary software changes and present an all-in-one solution.

How to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange)?

The deployment of the 365 Suite, while easy, still requires some preparation, if only in terms of the data to be transferred or deleted. It is also important to ensure that computers intended for professional use are in fact updated, protected and configured for the use of Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Moreover, if the migration to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 is an excellent step towards protecting your data, the system is not infallible and requires certain precautions. In addition to the basic Office 365 protection, we recommend adding:

  • A firewall to increase security;
  • An antispam;
  • A SaaS backup.

These last layers of protection allow you to avoid any form of threat, attacks, phishing, data loss/corruption or ransomware. These three additions can come as SaaS and should be compatible with Office 365.

As the deployment of the Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 solution can be a huge burden in the context of migrating existing data, many companies prefer to use a specialized organization.

Why turn to DMIB to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange)?

DMIB supports companies to find the solution that truly meets their objectives and their business strategy. Our team excels in Microsoft 365 or Office 365 migration and will be able to advise you on the migration process or the use of the platforms. We will be there for you at all stages, from migration to deployment, to answer all your questions or concerns. With DMIB, you will quickly be supported and functional in your new secure collaborative tool. Write to us to start the first step in your migration to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365!